Description: Whenever there is a new update to an order, Nhat Tin system will automatically send the update to the partner's system via a URL (callback link) that the partner has provided to Nhat Tin technician.

API Configuration

HTTP Request


No.ParameterTypeRequireMô tả
1bill_noStringAlt textBill of Nhat Tin
2ref_codeStringAlt textCustomer's Reference Code - might be Invoice No or Purchase Order No
3status_idNumberAlt textRefer to Master Data
4status_nameStringAlt textRefer to Master Data
5status_timeintAlt textTime of status change
6push_timeintAlt textTime to push to partner
7shipping_feeDoubleAlt textShipping fee
8is_partialintAlt textPartial of delivery. 1: yes, 0: no
9reasonStringThe reason if have from Nhat Tin
10weightDoubleAlt textThe weight of Packages (kg)
11dimension_weightDoubleAlt textThe dimension weight of packages
12lengthDoubleAlt textThe length of packages (cm)
13widthDoubleAlt textThe width weight of packages (cm)
14heightDoubleAlt textThe height weight of packages (cm)


   "weight": 2,
   "bill_no": "CP16658276R",
   "status_time": 1681382601,
   "shipping_fee": 38610,
   "is_partial": 1,
   "status_name": "Đã lấy hàng",
   "status_id": 3,
   "length": 1,
   "width": 1,
   "height": 1,
   "dimension_weight": 1,
   "push_time": 1681382738,
   "ref_code": "40724974"