Connection information


Nhat Tin provides two separate environments for integration:

Sandbox: Used for building features, testing, debugging, etc.
Production: Used for end-users.

Integration Information

Nhat Tin provides corresponding codes for each environment.

username: Nhat Tin provide by email
password: Nhat Tin provide by email
Note that these information should not be disclosed to anyone.


Sandbox (opens in a new tab)
Production (opens in a new tab)
EnvironmentPortal Web
Sandbox (opens in a new tab)
Production (opens in a new tab)

Master Data

1. Service (service_id)

IDService Name (OLD)
10Express Delivery
11Premium Service
20Road Transportation
21Mixed Express
IDService Name (NEW - 01/07/2023)
90Express Delivery
81Premium Service

2. Payment Method (payment_method)

IDPayment Method
10Sender pay by Cash when pick up / walk-in payment
11Payment by Sender according to contract
20Receiver pay by Cash when delivery

3. Cargo Type (cargo_type_id)

IDCargo Type
3Cold goods
4Biological products

4. Status (status_id)

Status IDStatus CodeDescription
2WaitingWaiting for pick-up
3KCBPicked up
7FUDCould not deliver
9NRTBeing returned
11QIUDelivery exception
12DRFDraft bill of lading
16Delivering for returning
17Could not pickup
DO Status Flow

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Update History

VersionAuthorDescDate update
1.0.4KhoaNTChange fulladdress from sender10/07/2021
1.0.5KhoaNTAdd calculate fee api23/07/2021
1.0.6KhoaNTAdd email receiver28/05/2022
1.0.7KhoaNTEdit request webhook26/08/2022
1.0.7KhoaNTAdd connect to NTL26/08/2022
1.0.7KhoaNTAdd params create bill : is_return_doc26/08/2022
1.0.8KhoaNTAdd params partner_id in Print Waybill01/12/2022
1.0.9KhoaNTAdd new api for update shipping info02/12/2022
1.0.10KhoaNTAdd new params response when tracking : p_link_image24/02/2023
1.0.11KhoaNTAdd new shipping version 229/03/2023
1.0.12KhoaNTUpdate new service list01/07/2023
1.0.13KhoaNTAdd new status (15,16)28/07/2023
1.0.14KhoaNTAdd new status (17) && Add length, width, height Fields into webhook request30/12/2023

API List

API List
1. Create a Shipping v2On April 10, 2023, V2 was used.
2. Update Shipping
3. Cancel Shipping
4. Calculate Price
5. Tracking Shipping
6. Webhook
7. Print bill
8. Login - connect to NTLUse for ecommerce/POS platforms
9. Create a Shipping By IDThis API has been removed, and only supports old customers.