Connect for platform

Connect to Nhat Tin Logistics.

API for platforms connect to NTL.

API Configuration

HTTP Request

POST v1/auth/sign-in

1usernameStringAlt textEmail or phone of partner (Partner of Nhat Tin)
1passwordStringAlt textPassword of partner (Partner of Nhat Tin)
2partner_idIntAlt textPartner ID, that created on Web portal

JSON body respone

successbooleanReturn true if connect success, all other false means error. See message for further description.
messagestringReturn Message of API Respond.
dataobjectData of API response.

Sample Request

    "username": "0382746295",
    "password": "Nkwqbekd8@",
    "partner_id": 132042

Sample Response

    "success": true,
    "messsage": "",
        "partner_id": 3,
        "partner_name": "Nhat Tin"